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Video Tutorials

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

SmartSoft Invoices - Client / Server Deployment

Larger teams will benefit from the Distributed Deployment option. An operator working on an Input station can import documents from various sources. The documents are then sent to the server, which distributes the work among different machines and users. As document volume grows you can scale easily by seamlessly adding additional users and processing stations.

SmartSoft Invoices - Extracting Data from Scanned Invoices

Automate your accounts payable process, save time and reduce error rates.

SmartSoft Invoices - Importing Vendor and Item lists

Importing Vendor, Item and other lists improves the recognition process and helps the program correct mistakes by using the list data.

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning

This video demonstrates how to use SmartSoft Invoice Scanning as a scanning and archiving solution for your invoices. The program imports invoice files, extracts key data, by which the invoices get sorted, and exports the documents as searchable PDf files. Filing and storing invoices looks like a piece of cake now.

Process Multi-page Invoices

This video demonstrates how to automatically process multi-page invoice documents, thanks to the program’s ability to recognize and group together pages pertaining to the same invoice.