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Data Verification

Verification is the process where the operator inspects the data extracted to make sure it is correct.

Verification of characters with low confidence

When the software is unsure of certain characters, they are highlighted in red color.

If you press the Tab button to move through the form fields and a field contains some red characters, the cursor positions exactly at the character, which needs verification, so the user can correct it with minimal use of time .

Batch Verification

To save you time correcting all characters with low confidence, the program offers a quick option called Batch Verification. Click Session -> Batch Verification. A new window will open up where you will be able to quickly verify all the uncertain characters for all the documents currently loaded.

Verification of regions with low confidence

When the software is uncertain that a text region has been correctly located on the page (For example there might be to date fields close two one another) the extracted data is colored in brown.

Invalid data

If the system captures a field incorrectly and it breaks some validation rule the field is shown in red so you can easily notice it and fix it. The document is marked with a red icon and you are not able to export the data until you fix the error.


Manual verification

Press the F3 button to force validation on invalid or empty (but required) fields.

Press the F4 button to jump to the next incorrect field. In order to jump to the previous incorrect field, use Shift+F4.

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