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Training the System
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Customizing the Form
Form Template Designer
Adding New Fields
Adding New Line Items
Validation Formula Language
Importing Lists
Importing Custom Lists
Synchronous Lists
Selective Processing
Migrating to a new computer
Migrating document templates
Migrating custom forms
Scan Quality
Client/Server Deployment Option
Input Station
Verify Station

User Interface


The Quick Start Panel is located at the top of the application window. It displays hints and navigation tips for operating the software. Advanced users can close this panel to gain space.

The Image View Panel is located at the right of the application window. It displays a preview of the document image that is currently being processed.

The Form View Panel is located at the middle left section of the application window. It contains data fields, which need to be filled with the information that is extracted from the document image.

The Session View Panel is located at the left of the application window. It contains the Open and Scan buttons for loading invoices from your computer or scanner. It displays a preview of all loaded documents.

Arranging the Workspace

To resize panels position the pointer over dividers between panels. A resize icon will appear. When you drag this icon, the panels that share the divider are resized.

You can arrange the panels in a layout that best suits your working style. To switch back to the original configuration click Window -> Restore default panels. Docking zones exist along the edges of a panel or window. Docking a panel places it adjacent to the existing panels resizing all windows to accommodate the new panel.

To increase the available screen space, use multiple monitors. It is a good idea to move the Image View to your second monitor. When you work with multiple monitors, the main application window appears on one monitor, and you can place floating windows on the second monitor.

To close a panel click its Close button.

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