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Shared Watched Folder

The shared Watched folder can be used for document load balancing between different instances of SmartSoft Invoices. Set the Shared Watched Folder from Tools->General->Shared watched folder. First you have to set the folder's location. Then you have to specify your options for load X files, if you have below Y pages. Files are locked while being processed, before SmartSoft Invoices starts loading a file, it creates a.lock file. That feature allows you to use one shared folder with more than one SmartSoft Invoices instances and this way both instances won't load the same file..For example, you can use one shared folder for 2-3 users and when you import files in that folder, they will be distributed (file by file) to all instances(users).

Note: The "If we have below X pages, load Y files." setting affects only the Shared watched folder, but not the regular Watched Folder.

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