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Log in screen

Users can login into the system through the login screen. The Server drop down menu indicates what server the system connects to. It is possible to have more than one server, if you need to change it, you can do so from the drop down menu. On order to connect, enter your user name and password and click Login. You can also check "remember me" and the system will remember your user name. There are several settings that users can adjust for the login screen. Click on the Settings button and you will see a window with three tabs on the top:

  1. Server – here users can add, remove, import and export servers. In order to add one, click on the Add button and fill in the IP and port of the computer where the server is installed at. You can have more than one server. You can export the added servers so that you can easily import them into another system;
  2. Session – allows users to set a time out for the session if no station is launched or running for the selected time. In order to adjust the time, enable "Automatically log out if no station is running for". The other option "Automatically start station if it is the only choice after login" allows the system to automatically launch a station if the user has only a specific role, for example only Input or only a Verify role. If you have more than one role after logging in you will see a station selection screen;
  3. Login – connection time out to the server can be adjusted from this tab;

Station selection screen

After users log in they will be presented with a Station selection screen where they can choose what station to launch. The station selection screen’s choices may be differ based on what roles the currently logged user has. If the user has sufficient roles they can launch both Input and Verify on the same computer.

  1. Input station – allows users to add documents to be made into batches.
  2. Verify – verification station where users download batches, verify and fill in data if needed and can also do exports;
  3. Report – launches the Report tool where you can check system productivity, operator productivity, exceptional listings and audit reports;
  4. Admin panel – allows the administrator to create and edit users and groups;
  5. The station selection screen can be minimized in the Windows tray from where operators can launch different stations or simply log out if no stations are running.

Input station

The input station is where files are added to be made into batches.

The input operator can rotate, merge or unmerge documents and also mark some pages as attachments. In order to mark a page as an attachment, right click on it and select "Mark as an attachment". If the operator knows that all pages after a specific page are attachments they can select "mark page and all below as an attachment". Attachments have a paper clip icon on their upper right corner. No data extraction will be done on attachments. When the operator is done, they can submit the batch by clicking on the Submit button or by pressing F7 on their keyboard. Watch out for reverse Fn functions for laptops.

After pressing the Submit button a Bach info window will appear. The operator can fill in:

  1. Name – enter a batch name or leave the default name;
  2. Type - Set the type of documents in the batch;
  3. Priority – set the priority of the batch. Minimum is 1, maximum is 5;
  4. Description – optionally the operator can type in a message;
  5. Clicking OK submits the batch;

Batch verification is done from the Verify station.

Verify Station

The verification station is where document verification and export occurs. Batches can be loaded from the Load batch button or by pressing CTRL+O.

The batch selection screen shows the information that the input operator has filled in into the Batch info window from the input station. That is name and description of the batch and also document and page count. In order to load a batch, the operator must select it and click OK.

After a batch has been verified, the operator can export it from the Export button at the lower left corner of the window.

In case a batch has problems or the operator is not certain how to verify they could do the following:

  1. Return the batch from the Return batch button;
  2. If only certain pages or documents from the batch are problematic, the operator can mark them as exceptions. This will remove them from the batch and the operator can continue with the verification process. In order to mark a page as an exception, right click on its thumbnail under Session view and click "mark as exception"

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