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10 Tips for Best Results

  1. Use Smartsoft Invoices's scan settings for 300 dpi resolution and lossless image compresion. If a program message for low quality appears while you import documents, you should know the scan quality is not good. If you are using an external scanner, make sure the following requirements are fulfilled:
    • A scanner with an automatic feeder (ADF)
    • 6 pages per minute for 300 dpi, grey scale
    • Preferably duplex scanning (both sides), double feed detection, paper bed
    • For high volume usage the scanner should support high daily volume and should have a larger feeder

  3. Use a 21'' monitor default text size and follow the other system recomendations as below: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 CPU - minimum: 2 core processor at 2Ghz / recommended: 4 cores at 3,5Ghz RAM - min: 2GB of RAM / recommended: 4GB For loading of 1000 pages at one time 8 GB RAM, Windows 64bit version and SmartSoft Invoices - 64 bit version/ is required Hard drive - If invoice images are kept as an archive, 10GB of free space is enough for 20,000 invoices 19" Monitor /recommended 21" default text size/96dpi


  4. Avail of the cloud processing option provided in the program settings to transfer processing to one of our powerful cloud servers, unless you are using a powerful enough system (i.e. 4 cores at 3,5 GHz)


  5. Explore the keyboard functions to shift through the fields faster :
    • Tab to change fields
    • Type and use the auto complete function for missing values instead of click
    • Arrows to move between columns in an item table table
    • Enter and PageDown to go to the next invoice document in the left program window


  6. Use Vendor list by importing it from your accounting system or creating one in simple text format


  7. Verify only characters in red as the software is unsure whether they have been extracted correctly. Do not loose time verifying fields with black characters as they are already proved as high-confidence. Brown characters are also OK, they are just not 100% confirmed in terms of position and boundaries of the field .


  8. Use the 'Auto calculate' button or F9 key when necessary. To automatically calculate all the cells in one column, right click on a cell and click Calculate column. Not sure how to define automatically calculable fields? Contact us.


  9. Check out the batch verification option, which helps you spot 'red' characters (with low-confidence value) and lets you fix them all at the same time. It is efficient when processing 20+ invoices.


  10. Time gain is visible when you load more invoices from the same vendors (usually only 20% of the invoices are from new vendor)


  11. Use form template specific for your business and for your needs. You can create it yourself using our Field Template Designer Ctrl+F11 or ask SmartSoft support.


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