Training the system

SmartSoft Invoices Online will capture most of the data without prior training, if you have fine-tuned the Form Definition.

However you can further increase capture quality by training the system. Training involes assigning a value into a field or a column by poing and click with your mouse.

After you are done training a document or a batch of documents hit the Submit button and reboot Verify in order for the training to be uploaded to the server and available for the next batch.


If Verify is not restarted the training will not be uploaded to the application server and it will look like it did not work if you load another batch containing documents from the same suppliers.

Teaching the layout of tables

If your form includes a line item grid SmartSoft Invoices Online will try to automatically detect tables inside the documents. Users can also teach the software to recognize tables by clicking the cells in the topmost row of a table. SmartSoft Invoices will follow the user actions from the first row and assign all following rows after the user assigns the second row description or line amount. This works for multi-page documents too.


The grid view in the middle allows data manipulation and offers some other functionalities such as:


  • Refresh region - Refreshing the region updates its contents in case the OCR did not provide accurate results. If the document quality is low refreshing will not fix faulty values;

  • Fill column with “” – The user can fill in the entire column with the content of the first cell for that column. CTRL+F is the keyboard shortcut for this feature;

  • Clear column data – Clears the data of the currently selected column. CTRL+D is the keyboard shortcut for this feature;

  • Swap column data with – Allows the user to swap data between two different columns;

  • Move column data to – Allows the user to move the column data from the currently selected column to another one. This action will overwrite the data in the second column and will not leave any data into the first column;

  • Approve – Forces the validation for the currently selected field. Works only for fields that have a SoftValidation flag (flags);

Matching an item as defined in your ERP system to an invoice description

Initially you’ll need to manually select an item for each invoice. The software memorizes your choices and will select the same item for the same or similar description in the future. If the program comes upon a new description it will suggest the most frequently used item. To configure this for any field see mapping.

Fixing wrong characters

If the software extracts some text with errors, go on and fix it. The program learns and will try to not make the same error again.