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Training Fixed Forms

Checkmark Groups


Before processing documents with check marks groups configure your form to contain some fields of the field format Checkmark group. See the details here.

  1. Load a batch

  2. Draw a rectangle around the check-mark group. A window will pop up, focused on the check mark group.

  3. To tell the software which check box corresponds to which option

    1. Make sure the correct option is selected in the left hand side list, e.g. NO in the example

      • Tip: The software will automatically select the next free option

    2. Click the region where the corresponding check box is (or draw a rectangle around it)

      • Tip: You might need to right click and select “Remove all regions” in low quality cluttered documents

      • Tip: You can include the adjacent label in the check box region or only the box.


Fixed Form Fields

In fixed forms the locations of data fields are fixed. So when assigning a region to a field you need to draw a rectangle encompassing the whole area where the text could be.

You can train the software using an empty form too. Just indicate the possible location of the data for each field.


To enable this functionality for the form add the FormFields misc param to any field of your form.