If you have not yet configured the system for Classification check Configuring classification first.

Loading Documents for classification

You can load documents for classification both Manually and Automatically. See Loading documents.


The Default Default Type drop down in the Input interface will be overwritten by the classification engine if Classification is enabled.

Verifying Classification Results


To Enable Class verification go to Admin Panel ‣ System ‣ Configuration ‣ Workflow configuration and enable Class Verify. You may need to log in again for the Class Verify menu item to appear in the web application.


To load a batch for verification click Class Verification ‣ Load batch in the web interface.

For each document the deduced class is shown along with the classification confidence. Low confidence classifications are shown in red. You can check each classification for correctness and change the document type if necessary.

To validate any low confidence documents press Ctrl+Q or right-click on a document and select Validate


Once you have verified any low confidence documents click Submit.

What next?

  • Data Capture: if Data Capture has been enabled in the workflow the batch is sent to a data capture client for processing based on the deduced class of each document.

  • Export: if you need to just classify your documents without capturing any data you can disable Data capture so the batch will be sent to the next client in the workflow - Export.

For more details on configuring Export see here.


To have the Export client group your documents in folders based on their class use the $(DocType) macro in the Path expression pattern export setting in the Batch Type settings.