Bypassing Verification and Batch Split

Bypassing Verification

The software can be configured to bypass the manual Verification step for documents which have been automatically processed with high confidence. This can be enabled in the Admin panel, under System Configuration select Skip Class Verify or Skip Data Verify.

Bypassing Class Verification - For a batch to bypass Class Verification all its documents must have been classified with a confidence higher than the threshold set under Document Type settings in the Classification confidence threshold box.

Bypassing Data Verification - For a batch to bypass Data Verification all its documents must:

  • follow all configured validation rules

  • have all required fields assigned

  • have no low confidence fields

Batch Splitting

For a verification step to be bypassed all the documents in a batch must have been processed with high confidence. Alternatively the software can separate any low confidence documents into a separate batch so they are left for manual verification while the high confidence documents are sent for further automatic processing.

This functionality can be enabled in the Batch Type settings under Priority and Separation.

Go to Admin Panel ‣ Batch Type ‣ General Settings and check:

  • Searate documents with high confidence types in new batch before class verification

  • Separate documents with high confidence data in new batch before data verification