Quick Start


This article applies to the standalone version, which is easier to install for test purposes. You might also want to check the Server version

To process documents, follow these steps:

  1. Start Smartsoft Invoices

  2. Load one or multiple documents using one of these options:

    • Click Scan to scan a document.

    • Click Open to load an image or PDF file from your hard drive.

    • Copy multiple documents to the Scan folder (Watched folder).

  3. Monitor the OCR process and if needed provide manual input by selecting a region for missing field or typing into an empty field.

  4. Click Export and select one of the Export options.


  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to quickly move forward and backward between fields in the Form View Panel.

  • Use Page Down and Page Up to quickly move between invoice documents.

  • To quickly fill an empty field in the Form View, make sure you are positioned on that field and then click on the corresponding text region in the Image View.

  • If the text region has not been properly recognized , use the mouse to draw a rectangle around the appropriate text in the Image View.

    Type in missing field when selection is not possible. Note: After identifying a missing field for a particular vendor, the program memorizes the template and recognizes the field automatically for the next invoices from the same vendor.

  • Create a form specific for your business and for your needs. Go to File ‣ Edit Form.

  • Check out the 10 Tips for better results or schedule an online demo.

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