Installing the Input and Verify clients

SmartSoft Invoices Online features an Input station, an automated Input Service and a document Verification station for manual document verification by operators.

All three clients can be installed from a single executable package.

Start the setup wizard ssi-online-setup-en_US-X.X.XX.XXXXX.exe and the installation will start. Users can choose what components to install by selecting them during the setup procedure.


Input station

If you need to only install the Input station, use the selection below. That’s a good choice for input operatos who will not do any data verification.


Automated Input service

Document input can be automated entirely by using the Automated Input service.

If Automated Input service is selected during installation the window below will appear after clicking Next.


The Input client can work as an unattended Windows service so it asks for a way to authenticate - user name and password. It will use those to be able to start automatically on Windows start up.

Click Next in order to start the installation.

Click Finish when done.

The Automated Input service can be launched either from a shortcut called SmartSoft Input Service GUI located in C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartSoft\SmartSoft Invoices Online\, or from a shortcut in your Windows Start menu. Feel free to copy SmartSoft Input Service GUI to your desktop.

Or alternatively running the following from your Windows Start ‣ Run command interface will launch it directly:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartSoft\SmartSoft Invoices Online\InputService.exe" --gui=true


Verify station

The Verify station is where batches are downloaded and manual document verification is done by operators.

A standard installation that includes all Input and Verify modules looks like the image below. The module called SmartSoft Invoices Online represents the Verify station. Clicking next will take you to the user and password input window for the Automated Input Service.

Follow the instructions from the previous section in order to finish the installation.


If you are installing the system on a computer where no input will be done, you can safely uncheck all input selections.