Logging onto the Admin Panel for the first time

Click Windows Start and select SmartSoft Invoices Online or alternatively double click on the desktop shortcut named SmartSoft Invoices Online.



If the software has already been started you can access it from the Windows Notification Area (the System Tray)


Click Settings on the top right side of the Log In screen to add the Application Server’s IP address.


You can have more than one server configured in the system. They can run on different machines or on the same machine but on different ports.


Click Add and a new empty placeholder row will appear. Inside you can type a name, an IP address and a port for your new server, e.g. SmartSoft Invoices or Server 1.


User: The system comes with a preconfigured admin user Username: admin Password: admin

Select your new server from the drop down menu, enter user name and password and click Login. After a successful log in, the Client Selection Screen will appear.

Client Selection Screen


Available roles

  1. Input - manual batch creation;

  2. Verify - download and verify batches;

  3. Report - a report tool for batch and user reports;

  4. Admin panel - used for system administration of roles and timeouts, user creation and administration, creation and administration of batch types and document types;


Depending on the permissions provided to the logged in user only some of the buttons on this screen will be visible.

Click on the Admin button and the Admin Panel will appear. You can configure the entire system from here.