Image Processing Client

The Image Processing Client is an auxiliary client that helps the Automated Input Client to speed up documents input processing. This is only a concern if you need to input thousands of documents per hour from one source, such as a watched folder or an email account.

It is installed the same way as the other automated clients and only communicates with the server.

The image processing client does not have its own role and must be configured from the Input client watched folder settings. Open the Settings for a selected watched folder, go to Import and check Enable Server-side Image processing.



If you select this checkbox but don’t have an Image Processing client installed the batches will get stuck, waiting for an Image Processing client.

When do I need a separate Image Processing Client?

You only need an Image Processing client when you need one Input Client to process thousands of documents on the same machine (probably because you need to use only one watched folder, if this is not a requirement you can install many Input Clients on multiple machines) The image Processing client can parallelize (and therefore speed up) processing on two levels:

  • it can make use of multiple CPU cores
  • it can be installed on multiple machines

As a rule of thumb the Input client needs 1.5 sec to process one page. If this is not enough a separate Image processing client is needed. (Note that you can still install multiple Input clients on several machines if that is an option)