Create and Edit Document Types

Create Document Type

Open the Admin Panel and click Create Document Types


Type Name: Type the name of your new document type, e.g. Invoice

Type Field Template: Select a Document Form Definition from the drop down. DFD and FTFx files must be added in the Verify client first. (See Creating Document Form Definitions)

Delete Field Template: Select a document field template from the drop down list and click Delete Field Template. This action is not reversible. Field templates used in active batches can’t be deleted until the batches are submitted from Verify.


You don’t need to select a Document Form Definition if you are only doing Document Classification without Data Extraction.

Classification document threshold: The confidence threshold for Bypassing Class Verify. If Bypassing Class Verify has been enabled and all the documents in a batch have been classified with high confidence, the batch will go directly to the next step in the workflow, whithout an operator having to manually verify the classification.

Invisible document type: An invisible document type is not available to the user to select in Verify. So this document type is only used programmatically by plugins.

Attachment document type: After the software detects this document type, during classification, it automatically attaches the document to the preceding document. For example a PO is attached to an Invoice. See Attachment Document Type for more details.

Exception reasons:

When setting a document or a batch as an exception you must provide an exception reason and an exception description. Here you can predefine document exception reasons and the user will be able to easily select them rather than type. See Exception Reasons for more information.

Edit Document Types

Open the Admin Panel and click Edit Document Types

Users can change document type parameters such as doc type name, associated field form, classification confidence, exception settings, etc.

In order to delete a document type users need to select one the drop down menu and click Delete Document Type. This action is not reversible. Document types used in active batches can’t be deleted until the batches are submitted from Verify.