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Field Mapping

Field mapping is a very powerful feature, where a couple of fields could be setup so that one fills in based on the value of the other. For example you may need to select an expense account based on a line item description. Initially you need to do that manually, but the software learns and the next time when an invoice with the same or similar description comes in, the software will automatically select that expense account.

Mappings can be set from the field designer. Go to File->Edit form template, select the field form you would like to do mappings for and click on Mappings. In order to setup the mapping the user must select one or more Source fields and one Destination field. The destination field is filled based on the values of the source fields. If you need to do mapping for another field, you can click on the Add button in order to add one more destination.

NOTE: You can have multiple source fields, but only one destination field.

There are several Mapping Modes

For the source field:

  • First 4 - In this mode only the first 4 characters of the source field are taken into account
  • Loose - In this mode the software similar source values are mapped to the same destination value. For example similar line item descriptions are mapped to the same expense account.
  • Exact - In this mode the software will only fill in a destination field if the exactly same source value is already in it's database. In this mode it will probably take more time to teach the software.

    For the destination field:

  • Use most frequent as default – The software will use the most frequent value as a default.
  • Overwrite value – The software will overwrite the value.
  • Clone Source – The software will simply copy the value from the source to the destination.
  • MapERPNametoID and MapERPIdtoName – Used for linking list fields. You can find out about list fields in this section.

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