List fields

Lists are a quite helpful feature, because they can increase processing speed, can be used for validation and also help to reduce OCR error rate - if the OCR engine misreads text, the software can correct that mistake by looking for that value in the list.

Lists can be imported from CSV or TXT files.They can also be manually filled in by the user from Tools->Settings->Internal databse.

Built-in lists

To import a list go to File ->Import -> Chose relevant type of list from the menu and then select the location of the CSV or TXT file which contains the list values. You can check the contents of your lists by going to Tools->Settings->Internal databse.


On the left side there are all of the predefined lists. In order to see the list contents, the user must select the list on the left side and the contents will show up on the right side of the window. The buttons on the right side provide the user with the capability to Add and Remove one line entries, to Import entire lists or to Clear the entire currently highlighted list.

Custom lists

The software comes with some predefined lists: Vendors, Accounts, Purchase Orders, etc. If those are not enough more can be easily added. Click File -> Import -> Custom List. A Wizard window will open.

Step 1 is to enter a name for your new list.


Step 2 is to enter the ID of the field which you would like to bind to the list to. The ID of the field is defined in the Form Designer. You can also click on the drop down menu and select a field ID. Make sure it matches the one in your form. You can also type the field ID in if you are sure about its ID name. Click Finish


Step 3 is to select a file that contains your list. Navigate to the place where the file which contains the list is, select it and click Open.


Step 4 is the final one where the wizard will ask you to select the column which contains the list values. You can import only a single column per list.



In case you don’t have access to the file that contains the list or it’s not ready yet you don’t have to select it immediately, you can just press Cancel when asked to select it and the list will stay empty. If you want to select a file for it later go to File->Import-> and select your new list’s name. Then select the CSV file containing the list values.