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Inserting Pages

You can insert pages from a PDF file at a specific place inside another PDF file.

Click Insert Pages on the Tools tab. A new window will open.

Click Browse in the Insert from this document group to select the file from which you want to take the pages.

  • To take all the pages from the source file, select Insert all pages.
  • To take only some pages from the source file, select Insert from page X to page Y, and enter the exact range in the nearby boxes or adjust it using the small arrow buttons.

Click Browse in the Insert into this document group to select the file into which you want to insert those pages.

To select the exact position at which you want the selected pages inserted, select one of the following options:

  • Insert at the beginning
  • Insert at the end
  • Insert after page X (type the page number in the adjacent box or use the small arrow buttons to adjust the exact page)

You can use the built-in PDF viewers to navigate in the PDF.

Click Insert.

Note: To protect your data against accidental loss, Smart PDF Editor does not allow you to overwrite existing files. It will append “modified” after the file name, or you can also select a totally different file name.

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