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PDF Stamps

A PDF stamp looks as if it were stamped on the page with a rubber stamp. A stamp has a text note associated with it. When you double-click a stamp in Adobe Reader, a window pops up containing the text of the associated note. You can then change the note and save the file if the permissions applied to the PDF allow this operation.

By using stamps, you can show the status of a PDF. Smart PDF Tools comes with several predefined stamps such as Approved, Sold, Final, Expired and others. You can also extract stamps from other PDF files and use them in your own PDFs.

Predefined stamps delivered with PDF Stamps include:

  • Approved
  • As is
  • Confidential
  • Draft
  • Departmental
  • Experimental
  • Expired
  • Final
  • For Comment
  • For Public Release
  • Not For Public Release
  • Not Approved
  • Sold
  • Top Secret

To place a stamp on a PDF, click Stamps on the Tools tab. An Open File window appears. Select a PDF file or click Cancel if you'd rather select a PDF later. The PDF Stamps window opens. You can now click Browse to select another PDF file to stamp.

Smart PDF Stamps comes with predefined stamps grouped by category: Standard, Pointers, Words and Faces. The most useful stamps are under the Standard category.

To place a stamp, select a category, and then double-click a stamp in the list. Alternatively, select a stamp in the list and then click Place the selected stamp.

Applying the stamp on all pages of a document.

If you want to place a stamp on all the pages of a document, first place the stamp and then right-click it and select Apply on all pages.

Removing a stamp from a PDF

To remove a stamp from a PDF, open the PDF in the PDF Stamps window. Then right-click the stamp you want to remove and select Remove from all pages. If you want to remove the stamp from a certain page only, right-click that stamp and select Remove.

Moving, resizing and rotating stamps

Once you place a stamp on a PDF, you can change its position, size and inclination.

To move a stamp, just click it to select it and then drag it to its new location.

To rotate a stamp, first click it to select it. Then drag the circle rotation handle in the direction you want to rotate the stamp.

To resize a stamp, just click it to select it. To change its size, drag one of the small squares that appears at the corners of the stamp.

Importing stamps from a PDF

You can import additional stamps from another PDF. Click Import Stamps and select a PDF to import stamps from. You can either create a new category for the newly imported stamps or import the stamps into one of the existing categories.

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