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Smart OCR Watched Folder Manager

With Smart OCR Pro you get a powerful tool called Smart OCR Watched Folder Manager. With this tool you can specify folder(s) for 'watching'. When new image and/or PDF files are placed in watched folder(s), these files are recognized silently without the need of user supervision. You can start Smart OCR Watched Folder Manager directly from Windows Start Button or from Smart OCR Pro user interface - Tools menu, Watched Folder Manager... option.

Smart OCR Watched Folder Manager

Use Add button to specify new folder(s) to be watched. You can also drag the folder on the dialog and it will be added automatically to the list.

You can specify output folder for recognized files or you can use the same folder as for the input file. The output format of the recognized file(s) can be changed from Output Format combo-box.

Smart OCR Watched Folder Manager does not need a running Smart OCR Pro in order to work. You can leave the tool in the system tray and it will process changes in specified folders.

To close the tool right click on the system tray icon and choose Exit option.

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