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Using Smart OCR

Performing OCR is a complex task but with Smart OCR you don't need to worry about this. Smart OCR is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable.

Each OCR task consists of three main stages:

  • Specifying the input - loading a scanned paper document, PDF document, image file or acquiring images directly from scanner, digital camera.
  • Recognition - this is the step where all of the input images are converted to editable document.
  • Saving the results - exporting the recognition results to popular searchable and editable document formats.

With Smart OCR you have the flexibility to add more stages for better results - manual mode preprocessing and modifications, checking and editing the results, changing settings for output formats, etc. You can also have the simplicity to use the program in the most simple and fast way (using predefined Quick Tasks) in order to recognize your documents with several clicks. Smart OCR successfully combines power and simplicity and gives you the choice to use the program in different modes and different ways for different requirements.

For extended information about using the full functionality of Smart OCR check out:

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