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Text View

The Text View of Smart OCR contains the recognition results (as recognized text and images) for an active page and a panel with actions that can be performed on these results.

Text View Window

Text View usage

The most important action that can be performed on recognition results is the Saving. Smart OCR allows you to save the recognition result in different ouput formats (see Saving the results) and you can specify different options for each output format (see Save Settings). The Text View can also be used for editing the recognition results - adding, deleting and changing text, changing text font, size, alignment and color, removing images, etc. You can use the integrated Spell Checker in order to make corrections on recognized text. For more information about manipulation of recognition results see Checking and editing.

Text View keyboard shortcuts

Below is the list of Text View specific shortcut keys:

  • Standard shortcuts for all text editors - when you edit text using the Text View of Smart OCR you can use all of the standard shortcut key combinations (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U, etc.) used in text editors and word processors.
  • Mouse Scroll - Vertical scroll. If the page is fully visible no scrolling will be applyed.
  • Shift+Mouse Scroll - Horizontal scroll. If the page is fully visible no scrolling will be applyed.
  • Ctrl+Mouse Scroll - Zoom in/Zoom out.

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