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Saving results

After the recognition results can be saved to searchable and editable document formats. You can save either the entire document or only the selected page.

Smart OCR supports DOC, PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT as output formats. There are specific options for every format so you have the full control on document export process. For these additional options see the Save Settings.

To save the recognition results:

  • Click on Save menu button SaveMenuButton and choosing the preferred output format. This button will memorize and show your last choice, so you can click directly on the button instead of opening its menu from the right arrow. You can save the same recognition results in different output formats.
  • Select Save As from File menu (File>Save As) and choose a format from the Save File dialog.

In both cases (Save menu button or Save As from File menu) the Save File dialog will be displayed:

Save File Dialog

If you use Save menu button the output format of the Save File dialog will be automatically set according to your choice. If you select Save As from File menu the output format of the dialog will be set to the last exported format.

The Save File dialog contains additional options:

  • Pages to save - You can specify which pages to be saved: All pages or Current page.
  • Save options - If you save more than one page, you can choose to create a single file for all pages or to create a separate file for each page.
  • Open document after saving - If this option is checked Smart OCR will try to open the saved file with an application registered to open such file type.
  • Settings button - This button will launch the Save Setting, based on the chosen format from the Save File dialog.

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