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Smart OCR uses Optical Character Recognition technologies to convert document images into editable text. Before performing OCR, the program analyzes the image and detects regions that contain text and pictures. With Smart OCR you can recognize your documents manually or using predefined Quick Tasks.

Manual recognition

When you add new pages to a Smart OCR document, the program automatically preprocesses the added pages and detects regions on it. You can change this behavior from Load Settings.

If you want to edit the regions, delete some of them or manually draw new ones, you can use the functionality of Image View and region manipulation tools.

To launch the recognition process manually:

  • Click the Recognize button Recognize Menu Button from Image View panel - Clicking the Recognize button launches OCR for the selected page. To recognize all pages, click the arrow to the right of the button and select Recognize all pages. This button will memorize and show your last choice.
  • Select Recognize or Recognize all pages from Image menu .
  • Use shortcut keys: Ctrl+R for Recognize and Ctrl+Shift+R for Recognize all pages.

Automatic recognition

With automatic recognition you can perform OCR quickly with minimal efforts. Smart OCR provides a set of predefined Quick Tasks for making OCR process even simpler. For detailed information about Quick Tasks click here.

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