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Quick Start

Smart OCR can be used in two main ways:

  • Quick Tasks - This is the easiest and the fastest way to use Smart OCR. Quick Tasks get the job done in just a few clicks.
  • Smart OCR interface - If you need full control of the recognition process, use the clean and powerful interface of Smart OCR.

Quick Tasks

When you start Smart OCR for the first time, the Quick Tasks panel displays.

Smart OCR Quick Tasks panel

You can choose one of the predefined Quick Tasks and Smart OCR will do the rest of the job. If you don't want this panel to be displayed on program start up, you can remove the check from the Show on Start Up option. For more information, see Quick Tasks.

For example, if you click Image to PDF Document, Smart OCR will ask you for the input image(s).

Smar OCR Open Dialog

After that, the input image file(s) are preprocessed and recognized automatically. Then, a Save File dialog box with the proper output format, based on the Quick Task selection, is displayed.

Smart OCR Save File Dialog

Click Save to export all of the recognized data from the input image(s) to the specified output format. And that's it!
With just several clicks you can convert scanned paper documents, PDF documents, images and digital photos into editable documents.

Smart OCR interface

If you need to control the recognition process manually, you can use the Smart OCR interface.

  1. Specify the input:
    • Load a scanned paper document, PDF document or image using the Open button Open Button
    • Get images from your scanner or digital camera using the Scan button Scan Button

  2. Click the Recognize menu button Recognize Menu Button in order to start the recognition process. The software remembers your last choice, so you can click directly on the button instead of opening its menu from the right arrow;

  3. When the recognition completes, Smart OCR automatically opens a text editor with spell-check where you can edit the recognition results;

  4. You can save the results by using the Save menu button SaveMenuButton and choosing the preferred output format. As with the Recognize feature, the software remembers your last choice, so you can click directly on the button instead of opening its menu from the right arrow. You can save the same recognition results in different output formats.

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