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Main Window

Smart OCR Main Window

The main window of Smart OCR combines flexibility, functionality and clear design. It consists of three major parts: Document Panel, Image View and Text View. The flexibility of the Smart OCR user interface allows you to arrange these parts according to your needs.

For example you can hide or show the Document Panel by using its pin button. You can also change the docking side of the Document Panel by simply dragging it from its title bar:

Change Document Panel Docking

When you work with Image and Text views you can choose one of the two modes:

  • Single View Mode - In this mode only one of the Image and Text views will be visible at a time. This way you will gain more working space on application window. Smart OCR will automatically show you the most relevant view depending on the active page state. If the current page is recognized the Text View will be activated, if the page is not recognized then the Picture View will be activated. Using this feature you can concentrate on specific tasks for each page. You can activate the inactive view any time by clicking on its tab. Smart OCR in Single View Mode:
  • Single View Mode

  • Multiple Views Mode - In this mode both Image and Text views will be visible at the same time. Smart OCR will synchronize the views so when you change the zoom or scroll one of them the other view will be changed automatically. The purpose of this synchronization is to show the same parts of the page both as image and recognized text. This way you can quickly check the recognition results. You can arrange the views in vertical or horizontal groups. For example the screen shot on the top of this page is with vertical groups. Smart OCR with horizontal groups will look like:
  • Multiple Views with horizontal grouping

You can switch between two modes:

  • using the commands from Window menu.
  • using the context menu of the view tabs - click with the right button of your mouse on the view tab to show this menu.
  • using drag and drop technique on view tabs - drag the view tab with your mouse and drop on position of your choice.

Except the three major parts, the main window of the application also contains a menu bar that intelligently changes its content depending on the active view. This helps you to focus on specific tasks and saves you a lot of time.

For the other main user interface parts see:

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