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Image View

The Image View of Smart OCR contains the image of an active page and a panel with actions that can be performed on this image.

Image View Window

Image View usage

The most important action that can be performed is the Recognition. You can recognize the current page or all pages in document with a simple click on Recognize menu button. For a full control you can also click on Preprocess button in order to automatically deskew the page image and locate regions (see Regions section bellow) on it. If you directly click on Recognize button Smart OCR will do these preprocessing steps automatically for you. Using Image View you are able to specify recognition regions manually via Draw Text Region and Draw Image Region buttons. This feature is very handy when you want to recognize just specified parts from a page instead of full recognition. You can also manipulate the regions after preprocessing step - you can delete regions, change their size and/or type, add new regions, etc. All of these manipulations can be performed by simply using your mouse and the Image View of Smart OCR.


Regions are areas from image which must be interpreted according to their type. If the region is a Text Region then its content will be recognized as text, if the region is an Image Region then its content will be saved as image.

Image View keyboard shortcuts

Below is the list of Image View specific shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl+A - Select all existing regions on the view (if there are regions after preprocess or manual drawing).
  • Arrow Keys - Move all selected regions toward the direction of the pressed arrow key. If you use the arrow keys with Ctrl pressed then the regions will be moved on greater distance at a time.
  • Del - Deletes all of the selected regions
  • Mouse Scroll - Vertical scroll. If the page image is fully visible no scrolling will be applied.
  • Shift+Mouse Scroll - Horizontal scroll. If the page image is fully visible no scrolling will be applyed.
  • Ctrl+Mouse Scroll - Zoom in/Zoom out page image.

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