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You can use these settings in order to customize different aspects of Smart OCR user interface and functionality.

General Settings

General Settings tab is divided in two sections:

  1. Preferences - Use these options to configure some aspects of Smart OCR functionality.
    • Show Quick Tasks on start up - If this option is checked the Quick Tasks panel will be displayed each time when you start Smart OCR.
    • Enable spell check for recognized text - If this option is checked the spell checker engine of Smart OCR will perform spell check on recognized text and will mark non-dictionary words. For additional details about using the spell checker see Checking and editing section.
    • Show progress dialog for recognition tasks - If this option is checked a progress dialog will be displayed for each recognition task. Using Cancel button on this dialog you can stop the current running recognition task or you can hide the dialog using Hide button. You can always display this dialog by simply double clicking on the status bar progress indicator.

  2. Appearance - Using these options you can configure the visual appearance of regions on Image View.
    • Enable drawing regions with shadow effect - If this option is checked the regions on Image View will be displayed with shadow effect.
    • Text region color - Choose the color that will be used for displaying the text regions.
    • Picture region color - Choose the color that will be used for displaying the picture regions.

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