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Document Panel

The Document Panel is designed to give you a quick access to all of the loaded images.

Document Panel

The Document Panel consists of two parts:

  • Actions Toolbar - Actions Toolbar
  • Document Pages View - Document Pages View

The Actions Toolbar contains main action buttons to launch Quick Tasks panel, to load images from files or PDF documents and to acquire images from scanner or digital camera.

The Document Pages View grants you access to all loaded images in Smart OCR. It contains thumbnail images for loaded pages. When you click on each page thumbnail image it is activated (marked as active page) and loaded in the Image and Text Views. You can launch the context menu for each page with right click on its thumbnail image. This menu contains all actions you need in order to process the current page or whole document. Also you can check additional page information quickly from its tooltip help - just hover the mouse pointer on the thumbnail image of the page and information about page status, dimensions, DPI, source, etc. will be displayed.

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