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Smart OCR Batch Job Manager

Smart OCR Batch Job Manager comes with professional version of Smart OCR. With this tool you can create and perform automated recognition tasks on files and even whole directories. You can start Smart OCR Batch Job Manager directly from Windows Start Button or from Smart OCR Pro user interface - Tools menu, Batch Job Manager... option.

Smart OCR Batch Job Manager

Use Add Job... button to create a new batch job. When this button is pressed a Batch Job Details dialog will be displayed. Using this dialog you can specify file(s) and folder(s) to process, output format, output folder(s), etc.

Batch job details dialog

The tool will generate a unique Job ID for each new job. You can change this ID in order to easily distinguish created batch jobs.

Smart OCR Batch Job Manager will save the created jobs, so you can restart them later. The program does not need a running Smart OCR Pro in order to work. You can leave the tool in the system tray and it will silently execute the specified batch jobs.

To close the program right click on the system tray icon and choose Exit option.

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