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Advanced Features

The professional version of Smart OCR provides powerful features.

With Smart OCR Pro you get these additional features and tools:

  • Windows Explorer Integration - Smart OCR Pro options will appear in context menu of image and PDF files.
  • Microsoft Office Integration - Depending on your Microsoft Office Version, Smart OCR Pro toolbar (for MS Office 2003 and below) or Smart OCR Pro ribbon category (for MS Office 2007 and above) will appear in Microsoft Word.
  • Custom Dictionaries - You can use custom dictionaries in order to improve OCR quality for text with special terms, abbreviations and proper names.
  • Smart OCR Watched Folder Manager - With this tool you can specify folders for 'watching'. When new image and/or PDF files are placed in watched folders, these files are recognized silently without the need of user supervision.
  • Smart OCR Batch Job Manager - With this tool you can run automated recognition tasks for files and folders without user supervision.

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