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You must activate Smart OCR in order to use its full functionality without limitations.

You can activate the program by using a license key. If you don't have a license key please read the next sections (Getting a license key and Activating the application). If you already have a license key and want to activate your application, read Activating the application section from this page.

Getting a license key

First step to activate your Smart OCR is getting a license key.

If your Smart OCR is not activated it will display a Trial Alert Message on each start:

Trial alert message

You can use the Buy Now button in order to purchase a license and to activate your Smart OCR using your license key.

Alternatively you can purchase a license:

  • Using the Buy Now button Buy Now button from Image View or Text View windows.
  • Using Buy Now link from Start Menu folder of Smart OCR.
  • Using the following web page from the web site of Smart OCR.

Activating the application

Please ensure that web access is available before activating Smart OCR.

You can easily activate the program by pressing the Activate button from Trial Alert Message window (see this window from the section above) or by selecting Activate Smart OCR command from Help menu. After that an activation dialog will be displayed:

Activation Dialog

You have to enter your license key and press the Activate button from this dialog. Soon Smart OCR will be activated and you can use it without limitations.

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