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Speed Epos uses SmartSoft Invoices directly integrated with QuickBooks UK

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Speed Epos uses SmartSoft Invoices directly integrated with QuickBooks UK


Speed Epos is a London based company providing Epos systems to bars, hotels and restaurants.

SpeedEpos was looking for automated invoice processing solution, compatible with QuickBooks UK, to manage one of their clients invoice processing operations.

Case Problems

The requirement to Smartsoft Invoices was to extract specified fields from the invoices and reflect the data in the accounting system.


First, the Smartsoft team had to adjust the program to accommodate QuickBooks' bill layout, so when processed data is exported it goes in the right fields in the accounting system.

Then Smartsoft Invoices' main fields template was customized to capture only the fields the client wanted. Although various invoice types were processed, Smartsoft Invoices dynamic template functionality was used to automatically recognize a new invoice template and memorize it in the system, so next time such template shows up, it would be recognized.

Last, but not least, a few training and testing sessions were conducted with the client's team to make sure they can fully and comfortably operate the product.


SmartSoft's and SpeedEpos' teams worked collaboratively to achieve the best results and implement Smartsoft Invoices' functionality, leaving SpeedEpos with an efficient invoice processing solution, which offers more transparency and convenience in processing, storing and tracking invoices.

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