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CGI Group applies SmartSoft technology to capture data from fixed layout forms

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CGI Group applies SmartSoft technology to capture data from fixed layout forms


CGI Group is an ICT Services group with an extensive history that goes over 125 years, and has a complete portfolio of integrated ICT services for the large enterprise and public sector markets. This includes Workspace, Applications, Communication, Data Centre, Cloud, Consulting, Product and Managed Services. CGI Group offers a unique work model that provides customers with a consistent IT service throughout the world, with one single point of contact and billing entity.

Case Problems

CGI Group needed to apply OCR in a Bank Management Information System for one of their clients. They defined a zone in scanned documents with fixed layout. Next they planned to extract the data from that zone using OCR software and populate a database. The problem was that on each individual document the zone to be extracted was offset or rotated a little when printed and then scanned. SmartSoft's dynamic templates technology was the right technology to solve that problem.


CGI Group used Smart OCR SDK’s template functionality to automate the locating and recognition of the data. Different templates were created for the various document layouts, with the text regions specified for each template. The software then automatically found the corresponding template for each processed image. In this way, the applications could automatically perform OCR and extract the necessary information accurately, without the need to manually specify the location of the data on the form. The templates provided dynamic location of text regions, so the regions were properly located even if the document was moved, rotated, or zoomed during scanning.


CGI Group was able to provide its customers with a solution that could automatically extract data from forms. The data was processed and then a stamp printed onto each of the processed documents. The result was a greatly managed and improved document workflow.