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Tags Weekly extracts product descriptions and bar codes from receipts

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Tags Weekly extracts product descriptions and bar codes from receipts


TagsWeekly is an online fashion retailer, striving to provide the most competitive value on many top brands in fashion. TagsWeekly work with some of the top companies in the apparel industry to acquire retail quality merchandise and pass it on at discount prices. Additionally, they seek their suppliers’ collaboration in finding the great values that come from overstocked inventories, liquidation sales, close-out items, demo products, and more.

Case Problems

Being a retailer, TagsWeekly uses long receipts in their day-to-day operations, which took a lot of time to process and was error prone. The idea was to use a scanner, which supports Long Paper scanning mode to convert the receipt rolls to image files. Next use OCR software to extract the UPC (barcode) and product descriptions from the receipt, match them and create an Excel table.


Tags Weekly used Smart OCR SDK’s template functionality to automate the locating and recognition of the data. Once a template was created for the receipts layouts, the software was able to find data from specified regions and extract it, without the need of manual help. The templates provided dynamic location of text regions, so the regions were properly located even if the document was moved, rotated, or zoomed during scanning.


Tags Weekly were able to find an intelligent and speedy solution to their receipt processing, reducing human error factor. This workflow improvement gave their employees an opportunity to utilize their skills and attention for more important things in their daily business.

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