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Cloud deployment

An automatic data capture system deployed on Microsoft Azure.

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Speed Epos uses SmartSoft Invoices directly integrated with QuickBooks UK

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An Olam International company Uses SmartSoft Invoices to electronically archive invoices

Queensland Cotton Corporation (QCC), part of Olam International,successfully used SmartSoft Invoices to scan and archive invoices by predefined criteria.

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Old Maple Learning Center Uses ICR/OCR to Quickly Grade Tests

Old Maple Learning Center helps students do better in school and achieve higher results to get admitted to college. The Learning center used optical character recognition (OCR) technology from SmartSoft to capture and extract data from test answer sheets to grade the tests automatically.

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Integrated Imaging Systems Uses SmartSoft's OCR Technology to Extract Text from Invoices and Consignment Notes

Integrated Imaging Systems is an Australian company specializing in Document Imaging and Information Management. Their Document Imaging System allows users to scan consignment notes and then automatically extract the document number using OCR. The document is then filed in a database. One of the greatest challenges is that the documents originate from multiple sources and have various templates, so the traditional approach using a rigid form template does not work. SmartOCR SDK offers dynamic templates so that users can define multiple templates and the software automatically matches them to the appropriate document layouts. Another advantage is that the OCR region sizes are dynamically adjusted to fit the data fields. Furthermore, the region is correctly located even if the page has been offset or rotated during scanning.

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Alcoa uses SmartSoft's solution to automate a production process

Alcoa, the world leader in the production of aluminum parts, needed to automate a production process in their Howmet Castings division. The constructors were trying to scan a part with a 3-D scanner and automatically extract its serial number. The challenge with this approach was that the resulting image was of very low quality and no general-purpose OCR software would recognize it correctly.

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CGI Group applies SmartSoft's technology to capture data from fixed layout forms

When the Australian CGI Group, a systems integration company, needed to apply OCR in a Bank Management Information System for one of their clients, they faced a problem. They defined a zone in scanned documents with fixed layout. Next they planned to extract the data from that zone using OCR software and populate a database. The problem was that on each individual document the zone to be extracted was offset or rotated a little when printed and then scanned. SmartSoft's dynamic templates technology was the right technology to solve that problem.

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Extracting Product Descriptions and Barcodes from Receipts

TagsWeekly is a global online fashion retailer. In their day-to-day operations they need to deal with long receipts, which used to take a lot of time and was error prone. The idea was to use a scanner, which supports Long Paper Scanning mode to convert the receipt rolls to image files. Next use OCR software to extract the UPC (barcode) and product descriptions from the receipt, match them and create an Excel table.

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Extracting Data from Shelf Strips in a Store

The client is an international shopfitting company. The OCR solution created by SmartSoft lets their personnel take photos of sore shelves with a mobile device. The software then extracts the data from the data strips and populates a data base.

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Mineral Tree leverages SmartSoft OCR technology to help users deal with paper and PDF invoices.

MineralTree delivers online payments solutions to banks specifically aimed at their small business customers. In their Cash and Payments solution users can upload scanned invoices. To make those invoices searchable their software OCR processes the scanned images producing PDFs with both image and text layer.

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NYTDA finds an OCR solution to manage its clients' parking tickets

Having to deal with a large quantity of scanned or electronically generated tickets, the New York Tracking and Delivery Association needed to have data entry done to record all of the information on the ticket to specific labeled fields in a database. To save time they needed an OCR solution to do that automatically. NYTDA entrusted SmartSoft with the development of a customized OCR solution that could solve their challenge.

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