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Document Classification

Automated Document Classification

Unlock the Power of Automated Document Processing with SmartSoft

Welcome to the future of document management with SmartSoft’s automated document processing software. Harnessing the prowess of Deep Learning, a subfield of machine learning, our automatic document classification solution effortlessly processes both scanned and computer-generated documents. Forget the limitations of traditional rule-based solutions. With SmartSoft, you’re not just getting an electronic document processing tool but a comprehensive automated document management system.


Redefining Document Management

Why remain trapped in the age-old methods when our document classification software offers a smart way out? Our classification engine brings:


Automated Document Classification

No more tedious rules or constant updates. Experience accurate classification without the manual hustle.

Flexible Training Process

Train the software according to your needs – be it user-driven, vendor-supported, or pre-configured for popular document types.

Adaptable Design

Our document classification system ensures the training data remains separate, meaning there’s no need for a redesign when adapting to new document environments.

Elevate Your Document Management with SmartSoft’s Comprehensive Solutions

Deployment As You Like

Whether you’re keen on cloud solutions or prefer on-premises setups, our automated document management software flexes to your preference. Access it through a web browser or a thin desktop client. Both standalone and server versions are available to match your business needs.


Integration Made Simple

Thinking of blending the automated classification system into your current apps? With our Document Classification SDK, integrating our robust document classification tool into third-party applications has never been easier.


Game Changing Full Automation

With full automation solutions, businesses can save countless hours, reduce errors, and focus on what truly matters. Dive deep into the benefits of streamlined operations with SmartSoft and let automation transform your document management journey.


Don’t let manual processes hold you back. Embrace the new era of automated document processing with SmartSoft and watch your productivity soar.