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Automatic Document Classification

Seamless Document Categorization

Unlock the Power of Automated Document Classification with SmartSoft

SmartSoft’s automatic document classification software leverages Deep Learning, a subfield of machine learning, to intelligently classify large volumes of documents without the need for complex rule management. Our neural network-based technology simplifies the process by learning from initial user feedback. Flexible in deployment, the software can be set up in the cloud, on hosted servers, or on-premises, and is accessible via web or desktop applications. Its SDK allows easy integration into third-party applications, making it adaptable to various document processing software environments.

Redefining Document Classification

SmartSoft’s document classification software offers a user-friendly approach to creating a customized machine learning model. Users can train the system by supplying their own documents and categorizing them into distinct types. This process tailors the software to their specific needs, building a personalized classification model. Each document classified by the system is assigned a confidence metric. Users have the flexibility to configure how the software handles these classifications based on their confidence levels. For instance, they can choose to manually review classifications with lower confidence scores, ensuring greater control and accuracy in the document sorting process.

Our classification engine brings:


Automated Document Classification

No more tedious rules or constant updates. Experience accurate classification without the manual hustle.

Flexible Training Process

Train the software according to your needs – be it user-driven, vendor-supported, or pre-configured for popular document types.

Adaptable Design

Our document classification system ensures the training data remains separate, meaning there’s no need for a redesign when adapting to new document environments.

Automated Document Classification SDK

Our Document Classification technology can now be integraged into third-party document processing systems

Deployment As You Like

Whether you’re keen on cloud solutions or prefer on-premises setups, our automated document management software flexes to your preference. Access it through a web browser or a thin desktop client. Both standalone and server versions are available to match your business needs.


Integration Made Simple

Thinking of blending the automated classification system into your current apps? With our Document Classification SDK, integrating our robust document classification tool into third-party applications has never been easier.


Game Changing Full Automation

With full automation solutions, businesses can save countless hours, reduce errors, and focus on what truly matters. Dive deep into the benefits of streamlined operations with SmartSoft and let automation transform your document management journey.


Don’t let manual processes hold you back. Embrace the new era of automated document processing with SmartSoft and watch your productivity soar.