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Data Capture

SmartSoft’s advanced data capture technology lets users easily process paper and PDF documents, eliminating manual data entry. The most prominent advantage of our approach is that the software does not need complex advanced setup but learns while being used. Technological partners can easily integrate the capture functionality into their own software products.


SmartSoft’s document classification engine is used to automatically classify large volumes of scanned or computer-generated documents into classes. The software does not need complex rules defined in advance but can be automatically trained based on an existing set of classified documents. Our Document Classification SDK allows you to easily integrate the classification technology into your own software.

OCR Solutions

Optical character recognition plays a critical role in many business processes and can help you greatly improve your workflow speed, security, and efficiency. With OCR, you can automatically capture information from images and transfer the processed data into various business management systems.

SmartSoft’s OCR solutions for enterprises offer the same OCR technology that is at the core of the renowned Smart OCR desktop application – only tailored according to your business need.

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OCR Form Recognition

This guide offers an in-depth look at how OCR (Optical Character Recognition) simplifies the processing of fixed forms like surveys, applications, and medical claim forms. SmartSoft Invoices effectively captures and processes data from these documents, addressing the challenges of automated form handling.

Delve into the practical aspects of form recognition and discover how our solution enhances efficiency and accuracy in various industry sectors.

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PDF Solutions

PDF is now a worldwide standard and top-choice document format. With the many benefits it brings, PDF also poses a number of challenges that organizations face when dealing with the format.

SmartSoft shares many years of experience in PDF creation, conversion and management technologies. Team up with the leaders to improve key business operations within your organization.

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Document Scanning

In what is now an increasingly digital world, automation is critical for improving your business processes and staying up-to-date and efficient. Are you making the most of digital technologies?

Save your time, money and resources by automating your document scanning process. SmartSoft’s professional Auto-Scan technology will significantly boost your productivity by connecting scanners directly to your business system – eliminating the need for human interference and thus greatly speeding up the process.

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MRI Automatic Reading

SmartSoft’s advanced machine learning algorithm solution involves convolutional neural networks to read MRI images, possibly analyze patients’ questionnaire answers, and combine the two in a unique way to receive a full diagnosis. The project received the European Commission Seal of Excellence and there is USPTO Patent Pending US 62/573,201. The main advantage of the project is high herniated disc accuracy and precision and the ability to integrate with a questionnaire analysis to receive a full diagnosis.