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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History – February 2016 – February 2016


Features and improvements

  • Integration of an additional OCR engine.
  • Automatic import of e-mail attachments.
  • Added a Shared watched folder feature for workload distribution. Synchronizes the work among multiple operators. Controls the maximum number of pages loaded at a time.
  • Updated SQL integration so it can import tables from different data bases.
  • Update for Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
  • Added interface to remove or edit mapping data.
  • Added a feature to import and export mapping data.
  • Improved support SQL Dynamic lists.
  • Added a feature where the Export button remembers the last export choice.
  • Added a feature where exported XML contains all the text in a document for backup. Controlled via a setting.
  • Updated the Archive feature where it is controlled by “Archive removed” and “Archive exported” checkboxes.
  • Added improvement of the speed of joining pages. Now it is 3 times faster.
  • Show the name of the current form template in the Form View title bar.
  • Added support for documents in Estonian and Greek languages.
  • Table detection improvement by adding support for semantic logic.


  • Fixed a crash during export to multiple formats.
  • Fixed a bug with PDF and CSV export.
  • Fixed a bug with leftover files after uninstall.
  • Fixed a bug where Auto-archive when closing application did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where files in the Archive folder always got overwritten.
  • Fixed a bug with MySQL export.

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