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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History

9.22.0419 – April 2022

9.22.0419 – April 2022


Features and improvements

  • Application server installer – support for MS Azure SQL;
  • Desktop and Web Admin – Skip Classify functionality added at Batch type level. Classification is no longer a global setting;
  • Desktop Admin – Import DFD directly via the Admin Panel -> Create Document Type;
  • Desktop and Web Admin – restart batch at Image processing;
  • Desktop and Web Admin – restart batch at Export;
  • Desktop and Web Admin – blank page margins adjustment. Feature to adjust left, right, top and bottom margins. Adjustment of black area percentage;
  • Web Admin – download batch artifacts (original input files) from exception batches.
  • Automated Input Service – new separate installer that does not come with desktop Input and Verify;
  • E-mail Input Service – ability to filter attachments by extension (.PDF, .TIFF, .JPEG and PNG) and by dimensions (pixels). Controlled via config;
  • OCR client – improved recognition of vector PDFs. Ability to extract vector data and apply OCR selectively, only for the regions that are not included in the vector content;
  • Data Capture client – new functionality to support plugins, this way end-users could use their own table detection plugins, etc;
  • Desktop and Web Data Verify – ability to fine tune checkbox saturation detection via a misc. param;
  • Web Class Verify – ability to insert page into a batch;
  • Web Data Verify: Ability to add new items to SQL lists. Enabled via a misc. param;
  • Web Data Verify – line items header row is now sticky and does not hide when scrolling down;
  • Web Data Verify – F4 now selects the next soft validation (warning), low confidence OR invalid field;
  • Web Data Verify – Win keyboard key (command key for Mac OS) + F4 selects the next invalid field;
  • Web Data Verify – key combination ALT + E for automatically loading the next batch now respects batch filters;
  • Web Data Verify – improved animation effects upon field selection;
  • Web Data Verify – improved selection of close by regions. Manual selection of overlapping regions is improved and focus will no longer jump between them;
  • Web Data Verify – improved interface for checkbox group training;
  • Web Data Verify – ability to hide regions so checkbox training and assignment is easier;
  • Web Data Verify – training data is no longer created for pages from which no data has been captured;
  • Web Data Verify – Autosave batch state after X number of documents. Controlled via the Settings section. Off by default;
  • Web Data Verify – ability to disable global shortcuts from the Web config. Shortcuts that can be disabled are: disable Alt + V which accepts all validation warnings in a batch, disable F2 which copies all fields from the previous document to the current one and disable F7 which copies all fields to all following documents in the batch;
  • Web client – Requires secure cookies by default. Can be disabled from Web config;
  • Web client – faster and more responsive UI, document navigation, document manipulation, batch load and batch submit;
  • Web client – support for remote RabbitMQ client;
  • Web client – ability to hide specific or system users. Useful for hiding GeneralUsers and InputUsers from the interface of the Admin panel;
  • Web client – InputUser, OcrUser, VerifyUser, ReportUser are now removed during first-time deployment of the system;
  • Web client – force end-users to change the default admin password on first login.
  • Export client – standardize decimal separators for money type and decimal type fields no matter of document and batch locale. Adjusted via the export client config file;
  • Export client – Performs the export as a transaction. If some of the exports fail, all data and files which are already exported from that batch are removed thus preventing partially exported data;
  • Improved detection of nearby content – additional nearby content information can be used to improve the data capture results with optional fields and reduce the number of false candidates for a particular field;
  • Improved segmentation logic – regions are less likely to get overlapped or segmented;
  • Improved detection of vector vs. scanned content inside PDFs;
  • Signature recognition – SmartSoft Invoices Online can detect if a document is signed or not;
  • Improved checkboxes and checkbox group detection – users can adjust checkmark detection sensitivity, improved interface for checkbox group training;
  • Improved support for Indian documents – improved recognition of currency and number format.
  • Improved training for fields and line items;
  • Improved table detection for semi-structured documents – implemented new strict mode. It can learn a large number of line-item layouts in the same page layout 2) is stricter so extra line items are not captured. Can be turned on and off via a misc. param;
  • Line items recognition can be turned off via a misc. param – useful for cases where end users do not wish to use line items or in cases where third party table detection plugins are being used;
  • Improved Regular expression filtration – supports new filtration modes via a misc. param. Direct Match for the entire content of the field. Useful for validation-only usages. Regular Search inside the content of the field.  Can match strings/substrings without character replacement. Useful for validation and filtration. Fuzzy Search inside the content of the field.  Can match strings and substrings with character replacements. Useful for fuzzy validation and filtration.
  • Blank page detection improvements;
  • Attachment document type no longer automatically skipped in Class and Data Verify;
  • Improved logging of installers – installation logs are now kept in the %temp% and the installer of each component creates a log file named Msi<randomstring>.log

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