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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History

8.22.1210 – December 2020

8.22.1210 – December 2020


Features and improvements

  • Application server: IP lookup for connected clients in server log and console;
  • Application server: improved performance for larger batches – better caching for documents, data, pages;
  • Application server: support for Advantage Database;
  • Web Admin: separate filter for each column under Batches;
  • Web Data Verify: ability to hide default regions under image view via keyboard shortcut – ALT+X;
  • Web Data Verify: improvement of region borders – easier to handle, draw, resize, etc;
  • Web Data Verify: improved performance for very long lists;
  • Web Data Verify: exception handling – force validated batches manually set as exceptions;
  • Web Data Verify: zoom pop-up functionality for selected regions;
  • Web client: change notifications to toast style;
  • Web client: added reference tooltips;
  • Web client: unified Settings menu for UI Language, Image view controls, Layout Mode;
  • Web and Desktop form designer: Vendor specific configuration – add specific rules to fields based on a supplier layout;
  • Web Form designer: visuals revamp – improved labels, button locations, and styles;
  • Web Form designer: Title and ID columns are sticky for easier form building and navigation;
  • Web Form designer: support for lower resolutions;
  • Desktop and Web Form designer: line item BottomStop keyword parameter now supports multiple values;
  • Desktop Verify Form designer: Save and Cancel button for each operation in form designer – users no longer need to reboot Verify for changes to get uploaded to the server;
  • Automated Input service: more detailed log – contains batch id, keep log for more than 7 days;
  • Automated Input service: Improved support for empty files – empty files are skipped based on a time frame;
  • E-mail Input client: Settings menu revamp for easier interaction;
  • Machine learning: view, import, and export models for data capture training;
  • Machine learning: support for unstructured documents – e.g. contracts;
  • Improved detection of excluded keywords;
  • Improved language detection in Image client;
  • Training data: Improved speed of getting the training data across the system;
  • Improved region formation for low-quality data;

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