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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History

8.12.09160 – September 2020

8.12.09160 – September 2020


Features and improvements


  • Application server: IP lookup for connected clients in server log and console;
  • Application server: image storage can be a non-SQL DB – support for Mongo DB;
  • Application server: automated system clean up – metadata of exported and deleted batches in DB is automatically removed based on a specific time frame;
  • Web and Desktop Admin: users can change their own password;
  • Web Admin: classification models can be extended – ability to add new doc types to a classification model;
  • Web and Desktop Admin: regional settings for each document type in a batch type;
  • Web Class Verify: Add Document Number, Doc Type and Confidence for each Document in the Thumbnail View;
  • Web Class Verify: drag and drop multiple pages;
  • Web Class Verify: Save Batch functionality;
  • Web Classify and Web Verify: dynamic page design – layout easier to resize and supports a wider range of resolutions;
  • Web and Desktop Verify: new DATE functions – ability to get extract or to add month, date, number of days from or to a specific value;
  • Web Data Verify: compact mode;
  • Web Data Verify: faster batch load;
  • Web Data Verify: support for OMR – check boxes for fields;
  • Web Data Verify: drop down lists can be filtered faster by typing only a single character;
  • Web Form designer: rearrange order of rows by drag and drop;
  • Web Form designer – improved preview functionality;
  • Web client: improvements in responsiveness and stability;
  • Desktop Verify mappings improvements: supports for a larger number of mappings, search functionality in the Edit Mappings screen, mappings are case insensitive now;
  • E-mail import client: Oauth support for Microsoft 365;
  • Export client: file compression options for PDF Export;
  • Automated retention policy for server and clients log files: logs are automatically deleted based on a time frame in the config file;
  • Automated clients: number of running clients is persistent and automatically maintained;
  • Encryption for sensitive information in configuration files: connection strings and passwords;
  • Automated input service: retry to load files functionality – can be adjusted via GUI timer;
  • Automated Input service improvements: improved handling of locked and empty files for all import modes;
  • Improvements in automated page orientation;
  • Training data improvements: import and export training data;

Knowledge base


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