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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History

7.19.12110 – December 2019

7.19.12110 – December 2019


Features and improvements


  • Application server: support for IBM DB2;
  • Desktop Admin Panel: shortcut to the Configuration menu – right click on admin panel window or press ALT+C;
  • Web and Desktop Admin panel: delete training data;
  • Web and Desktop Admin panel: exception batches can be opened in Verify and processed;
  • Web and Desktop Admin: restart a batch at a specific level in the workflow: OCR, Data Capture, Classify;
  • Web Admin: integration of Classify training engine – users can create and re-train classification models;
  • Web Admin: navigation menu under Add/Edit batches;
  • Web UI: add support for French, Spanish, and German;
  • Improved installation for automated clients – remove, update, re-install ability added to setup of clients;
  • Web Classify: split, delete and merge operations with multiple pages selected at once;
  • Web Classify: merge documents;
  • Web Classify: re-arrange pages in a batch;
  • Web and Desktop Verify: search for batch capture data in Batch selection screen – helps with finding batches faster;
  • Web and Desktop Verify: re-arrange page order in a batch;
  • Web and Desktop Verify: select multiple pages;
  • Web and Desktop Verify: accept all validation warnings in a batch – use CTRL+V keyboard shortcut;
  • Web and Desktop Verify: burst selected document to pages;
  • Web Verify: drag and drop pages within a document – easier to re-arrange;
  • Web Verify: table scrolling improvements – better performance with larger tables;
  • Desktop Verify: sort batches in the Batch selection screen – sort by date created, user name, doc type, etc;
  • Desktop Verify better handling of training data: Save Batch now uploads the training data to the server directly;
  • Support for long and medium dates is improved: supports all available regional formats;
  • Improved support for multi-line table columns;
  • Added time/date macros for local time;
  • Input Station: select multiple documents/pages;
  • Input Station: delete/split/merge operations for multiple pages;
  • Force the software to use specific training data for fixed forms – via misc.param;
  • Security: weak password policy;
  • Security: lockout mechanism – for too many attempted logins;
  • Security: account permissions improvements – unauthorized users require specific permissions under their group or user account to make changes to the system;
  • Improved training;
  • Improved automated Data Capture performance;
  • Export plugins: can set batches as exceptions;
  • Machine learning\neural network for document data capture and training;

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