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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History

6.18.02220 – December 2018

6.18.02220 – December 2018


New features and improvements

  • Web client: New, web-based input client
  • Web client: New, web-based admin panel
  • Web client: improve stability and UI speed
  • Web client: improve batch loading and submit speeds
  • Web client: multi-tenancy support
  • Web client: added new UI controls for document manipulation
  • clone, copy, delete, etc
  • Application server speed optimizations
  • Support for multiple DB schemas
  • Ability to import and export batch types
  • Ability to delete users
  • Automatic batch processing and separation for documents with high confidence in Classify and Verify
  • Automatic batch separation for exceptions
  • Input service: delete input files after uploading to the server
  • Export client: set compression for PDF and TIFF
  • Export client: set delimiter for CSV export
  • Improve accuracy of training data matching
  • Improve speed of training data matching
  • Menu text labels revamp
  • Improve table detection
  • Improved SQL static list synchronization
  • Support for macros in the web client

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