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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History

5.18.0809 – August 2018

5.18.0809 – August 2018


New features and improvements

  • SmartSoft Invoices Online Web version – new web interface, including new web Admin, Input, Verify and Classify functionality
  • Classification station – Automated document classification and separation based on neural networks. Interface available only in SmartSoft Invoices Online Web version
  • Application Server optimizations for better performance on slower systems
  • Upgraded Application Server Communications protocol from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2
  • Added system encryption functionality – activated during application server installation
  • Added automated clean up functionality for image storage
  • Updates to the Admin panel – Configuration section for global system adjustment of roles, permissions and timeouts
  • Added functionality for automation of Classification and Data Capture roles – no human interaction if classification accuracy is high enough and all fields are captured properly
  • Added support for database views
  • Intelligent automated services manager – a service that automatically and intelligently controls OCR, Data Capture and Classification CPU usage based on available resources
  • Common config file for all automated services – easier system adjustment
  • New E-mail import client – monitors multiple e-mail accounts and creates multiple batches automatically
  • Improvements in Automated Batch Input client – new import modes and settings
  • Improvements in Automated Image processing client – faster batch submit
  • Improvements in Automated Export station – XSLT Support for XML documents
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR) – Handwriting recognition module for characters and digits
  • Heterogeneous batches – can contain multiple documents with different documents types (field forms). Available with classification
  • Ability to change the document type during manual document verification in Class Verify and Data Verify
  • Improvements in Batch upload and Batch download sections – progress bar for upload, refresh button for download, filters for searching
  • Save Batch functionality – saves current batch progress prior to Batch Return
  • New functionality to automatically merge detected attachments – Available with classification
  • Improved table detection
  • Improved training and accuracy
  • Improved support for fixed forms
  • Updates in Form designer – dependencies can be manually changed, new interface for headers and formulas

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