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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History – February 2018 – February 2018

New Features and Functionality

Server Version

  • Admin tool – for creating users, groups, password generation, batches control;
  • Functionality for easy copying of training data, mappings and form template from the Admin tool;

New Features and Functionality

  • Automated OCR, Data capture and Export clients – separate services that can be installed on more than one computer
  • Input service – automated input service that can create multiple batches
  • OCR and Data capture removed from Verify effectively making it a thin client
  • Support for MS Azure deployment
  • Added defense against loading corrupted documents into automated Input Service
  • Process only first X and last Y pages functionality in Input Service
  • New import types in Import service – subfolder as a batch, interval batch creation, file count
  • Server-side image processing for faster batch creation – Image processing in Input is omitted if this is enabled
  • Document classification in Web interface
  • Dynamically load FTF in Verify station for each document according to batch structure – works with document classification
  • Ability to set status of entire batch as Exception
  • Batch types – contains multiple document types, contains global settings per batch type
  • SQL Import and Export settings moved into Admin Panel batch type settings
  • Added new column for lists in Form template – Only for SmartSoft Invoices Online
  • Locale settings moved from Input station into Batch Type language settings
  • Export replaced with Submit – due to the export functionality being done by a separate export client
  • Save batch – users can now save the state of the batch and return it safely without having to start from scratch on batch re-download
  • Export settings moved to Batch type settings
  • Quality control – by groups or users
  • New macros added in Input Service, Input station, Export station service
  • Improved logging for automated clients – no log overwrite
  • XML data format changed to ISO 8601 format
  • Admin tool update – speed optimization
  • Removed Archive feature
  • Barcode recognition and automatic assign – enabled via a setting
  • System settings move into Admin panel under batch types
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for menu actions in Verify and Input Station
  • Ability to split and merge documents into Verify
  • Ability to split multiple documents into single pages in Input
  • Ability to merge separate pages into a single document in Input
  • Ability to manually change the form template in Verify – if more than one doc type exists for the selected batch type
  • Added support for Canadian address parsing
  • Added OMR Support
  • Improved support for single and multiple checkboxes
  • E-mail import improvement – added support for subfolders and MS Exchange
  • Improved line items recognition and training
  • Optimized SQL static list loading time
  • Optimized SQL dynamic list loading and refresh
  • Improved logic for detection and training of decimal values without leading digits
  • Field dependency update – users can check and uncheck self-dependent fields in the form designer

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a problem with money/decimal field validation
  • Fixed a problem with wrong template matching
  • Fixed slow lowing of static lists
  • Fixed settings import into Log in screen
  • Fixed settings import into desktop client
  • Fixed data capture from attachments pages
  • Fixed restore in Verify
  • Fixed wrong parsing of short dates
  • Fixed field confidence parameter
  • Fixed missing rows in table after document load in Verify and stand alone version
  • Fixed formulas – VAREXIST, NOMINMAX
  • Fixed date parsing for Northern Europe countries and Canada(French)

Installation and Upgrade Notes

  • Check documentation

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Batch types must be deleted from within the data base
  • No common templates pool

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