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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History – June 2017 – June 2017


New Features and Functionality


Server Version

  • Admin tool – for creating users, groups, password generation, batches control;
  • Functionality for easy copying of training data, mappings and form template from the Admin tool;

New Features and Functionality


  • Batch manipulation in Verify station – ability to re-arrange, remove, merge, unmerge and mark documents and pages as attachments during document verification;
  • Ability to split multi-page documents at the active page;
  • Functionality for splitting or merging all pages of current document in Input Station;
  • Added new form designer tools for fixed form field template creation;
  • Support for checkbox recognition (OMR);
  • Functionality for detection and assignment of checkbox groups – useful for forms with multiple checkbox choices per field;
  • New e-mail client implementation for better support of Office 365 environment;
  • Fixed not displaying SQL column names in SQL settings;
  • Batch back up functionality improvement;
  • Ability to original file name and file path in Verify station after batch processing is done;
  • Improved backwards compatibility – proper warning messages will alert the user if their version is too old and needs updating;
  • Return of the Archive functionality – works the same way as before;
  • Added Created by column in batch selection list in Verify;
  • Functionality for timeout based image storage cleanup for completed batches;
  • New visual design for the Admin Panel;
  • Improvements in report tool – performance boost and minor bug fixes;
  • Report tool displays Created on and Updated on in local time under WIP/Inventory -> Batches;
  • Close batch and Delete batch functionality in Report tool under Edit Batches;
  • Added more languages;
  • Batch status naming convention change – old batch status messages will still appear until batches are out of the system;
  • Improved “unique” flag functionality – helps with training the documents;
  • Improved OCR detection so images inside of documents are not OCRed;
  • Improved functionality for dotted or underlined data recognition;
  • Disable SFT synchronization by default – improves performance and allows users to start working on the batch after the 3rd document is loaded;
  • High precision functionality for SQL export – support for up to 5 digits after the decimal separator on SQL export;
  • Functionality for keeping the zoom factor unchanged across pages
  • Improved functionality for plug in DLLs – custom export remembered after reboot of software, plug in DLL removed on uninstall;
  • Support for fixed forms;
  • Improved filtering for list fields – now the drop down will show up and filter what the operator types in real time;
  • Support for decimal separators without leading digits;
  • Improved document training functionality;
  • Added a button for restoring the default layout for fixed forms in the Form designer;
  • Form template selection menu – only in Desktop version;
  • Functionality to lock the training data so it does not get overwritten;

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed a bug where SQL lists did not get cleared automatically after being removed from settings;
  • Fixed a layout alignment issue in form designer;
  • Fixed a problem where the form template did not get properly updated when using multiple languages;
  • Fixed an issue where virtual fields did not get remembered properly;
  • Fixed a crash during dynamic field creation;
  • Fixed an issue where active page did not get refreshed if auto-orientation is off;
  • Fixed an issue where attachment and document pages got mixed up and region formation was off;
  • Fixed an issue where exporting batch was possible even if session was not active/expired;
  • Fixed a situation where 2 different users could load the same batch in Verify;
  • Fixed not activating dynamic list fields on focus;
  • Prevented a situation where Verify users without OCR role could still OCR documents;
  • Fixed invalid static-list fields when there is space at the end of fields;
  • Fixed crash when trying to split on the first document page in Verify;
  • Fixed autosubmit with timeout in Input Station;
  • Fixed deleting batch when removing the last document;
  • Fixed redundant batch returning when the session is not valid on restore;
  • Fixed Money/Decimal fields validation;
  • Fixed wrong merge after returning batch with exception documents;

Installation and Upgrade Notes

  • Check documentation;

Known Issues and Limitations

  • No file based export for environments where there are no write permissions;
  • Lack of mechanism to clear separate training data from the server;

Knowledge base


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