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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History – June 2016 – June 2016


New Features and Functionality

  • SQL table name can be edited in the Field Template Designer;
  • Altering existing SQL table on export when there are new fields/columns in the form template;
  • Manual approving of warning fields functionality changed to work only for fields flagged as “Soft Validation”;
  • Support for barcode separators: The user can now set the merge mode to “Use bar code separators” and the software will separate documents based on a specific barcode. Separator pages are removed automatically from the session.
  • New generic format for XML Export;
  • The ability to add the archive file path into the exported XML file: The user can activate that feature from the XML Export settings menu by inserting a check mark in front of “Include archive file path”
  • Rotate page feature now requires the user to manually type in data in fields and columns after page rotation;
  • Stylesheet coloring for default buttons in dialogs; The button which is on focus has a different color, so that the user can immediately notice it.
  • Feature to keep blank pages which can be enabled from the General settings tab;

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed missing focus on F4 when changing the current document and when the next invalid data is assigned in the line items table and not into a field;
  • Improved region index for tables with incomplete columns;
  • Improved scanner functionality: Fixed wrong selection of current scanner.
  • Fix for additional empty and invalid rows in line items grid when connected to SAP or MS Dynamics;
  • Fixed export fail when the export folder is missing;
  • Fixed crash while removing barcode separator page;

Installation and Upgrade Notes

  • This program is backwards compatible with previous versions. The user can install the new release over their previous release without trouble. All previous settings will be kept.
  • The installation involves the following steps assuming you’ve already have the setup file on your computer:
    1. It is not a requirement, but it’s always a good idea to make a backup of your current Field templates and settings prior to upgrade;
    2. Make sure the previous version of the software is not running;
    3. Double click on the setup file;
    4. Follow the directions until the installation is complete;
    5. When there are newly implemented features, they will come with default values. The user must set their own specific values for that setting/feature manually;
    6. After the installation is complete, please launch the software. All previous settings should be in tact;

Known Issues and Limitations

  • No one-click backup of all user data (FTF, training data, settings): The user must export the FTF from the field designer, export the settings from the Tools menu and manually copy the training data from one computer to another;
    1. In order to export the FTF, please launch the software, go to File -> Edit form template, select the template which you would like to export and click on the Export button. Pick a name and a location for the FTF. You can import FTFs by following the same procedure, but you must click in the Import button;
    2. In order to export all settings, please launch the software, go to Tools -> Export Settings. Pick a name and a location for the exported file. In order to import the settings, please go to Tools -> Import settings and select the previously exported file;
    3. In order to back up or transfer the training data the user must copy the training data files from one folder to another. The training data is kept here:C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\SmartSoft\SmartSoft Invoices\Templates Training data files have .sft extension. You can just transfer the files to another location in order to back them up. Or if you are transferring training data from one computer to another you must copy the files back to this folder on the new computer you are setting up.
  • Static nature of training data: If there is non-structured data which does not have any headers and can’t extracted based on validation rules, formatting and regular expressions training data may not work properly and the user will have to fix such mistakes manually. Fixing of such mistakes usually involves slight region dimension manipulation or manual region assign.

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