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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History – September 2015 – September 2015


Features and improvements

  • Added a calendar button to the Date field so the user can select the date.
  • Add support for MS Dynamics ERP
  • Added support for associating name fields to ID fields in a SQL table.
  • Improved speed for tables that contain a list item column.
  • Improved PO matching for SAP and QuickBooks based on a Description
  • Added settings section for XML export
  • Added French language support.
  • Introduced a new version for the Cloud with new improvements in the OCR engine.
  • Improved external and internal boundary detection of tables on auto generation and after training.
  • Improved recognition of underlined text.


  • Fixed a bug where empty rows were exported to SAP
  • Fixed a crash in the Cloud function.
  • Fixed a problem where the ERP settings were not remembered after a crash.
  • Fix for headers not to be included in fields.
  • Fix for loss of virtual regions content.
  • Fixed a memory leak in situations with large document batches.

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