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SmartSoft Invoices – Version History – January 2015

  • – January 2015


    Features and improvements

    • Added XML Export capability
    • Added a feature where the user can swap or move column data with one click.
    • Improved training accuracy.
    • Improved location of pop up tooltips for fields.
    • Improved PDF compression for PDF export.
    • Improved dictionary.
    • Improved automatic page orientation for pages with little text content.


    • Fixed a crash with SAP list extraction.
    • Fixed a crash in the Form template designer.
    • Fixed a bug where the user could not copy, cut or delete information in the line items table via the right click context menu.
    • Fixed a bug with the SUM formula.
    • Fixed a bug where the QuickBooks module would not install on a clean system.
    • Fixed slow table scrolling and manipulation on big tables.
    • Fixed a bug where the table would disappear after the user deletes the 1st line.

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